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One-Stop Society Solution

Spread the benefits with us for a better life and make sure you are in.

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No boundaries for Unbanked people

E-KTP is a single identity, so why still have to use old school banking services? Through Warga Apps, transactions without banking access (unbanked) are possible.

Crowd Funding (Non Profit)

Indonesia is the most generous country in the world, there should be no big gap between the rich and poor. So, what's the problem?
Yes, it is about "trust" & "transparency"!

Own the company with just a dime

The benefits of investing without economic inequality limits, everyone has the feasibility of investing even with small capital

Covid-19 Pandemic

Of course, we prepare special attention for the pandemic!

Not only tracing the spread of covid-19, we also prepared the best solution in terms of distributing social assistance, to real-time and accurate population data integrations from the RT/RW level for the right decision making for every citizen.

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